Infrastructure ,bet36体育投注_bet36体育在线—激情赢盈中√ and Operations

Infrastructure, Operations and bet36体育投注_bet36体育在线—激情赢盈中√ provides support to enable the excellence of the academic project at Rhodes University through various activities

Sections and areas of responsibility

  • Hospitality services
  • Facilities management services
  • Infrastructure support services
  • Environmental support services
  • Security services
  • Transport services
  • Procurement services

Infrastructure, Operations and bet36体育投注_bet36体育在线—激情赢盈中√ is committed to providing quality, cost effective and efficient services through partnerships in a community where all are treated with dignity by:

  • Leading and managing with integrity;
  • Promoting equity and diversity;
  • Finding solutions through modern innovative planning of human r resources
    and systems;
  • Optimizing productivity through training and development of our staff to ensure operational competence and service delivery;
  • Responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.


We are very heavily reliant upon funding from government and from donors for new infrastructure development

Dr L'Ange Director of Infrastructure, Operations and bet36体育投注_bet36体育在线—激情赢盈中√